Company name: Smith & Sinclair

Industry sector: Food & Beverage

Business activity: Manufacturing

Why is IP important to you? We have innovated a product which will forge a category for ‘edibles’ in the alcohol industry. Our recipes, technologies, processes and patents are the foundation of all income streams to the business and without these we would no longer control the market and/or have such a presence within both the drinks and confectionery industries.

Does IP underpin you competitive advantage? IP underpins our competitive advantage as we are the first, and currently only product in the ‘edibles’ market in alcohol and to retain this presence and grow it, both b2b and b2c, retaining the patent ensures that we are in control of licenses and brand partnerships.

Why did you enter the IP League Table? We want our company to be recognised as having assets outside of the products. Consumers and the industry only ever see the front facing aspect of the business and entering the IP league table demonstrates the foundations of what we’re building our growth upon.

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