Shot Scope New Logo 2

Company name: Shot Scope Technologies

Industry sector: Sport/golf performance tracking

Business activity: Shot Scope provides golfers with the technology to track performance without interruption. Shot Scope V2 has been widely recognized in the golf industry as the leading wearable technology in the market and has won numerous industry awards.

Shot Scope’s patented ClubSense technology automatically collects scoring and statistical data and in parallel Shot Scope’s Dynamic GPS technology provides yardage information relating to the greens, hazards and water. Post round data is uploaded to the Shot Scope website or mobile app where statistics, performance analysis & maps detailing ball flight are displayed in a graphical user interface. Shot Scope allows golfers to focus on playing golf without interruptions. The performance tracking system is the first technology to be approved by golf’s governing bodies The R&A and USGA for use in competitions.

Shot Scope is now scaling commercial activities and growing routes to market through the largest golf and sports retailers worldwide.

Why is IP important to you? IP is critical to protect a technology company’s innovative ideas and break throughs. Our team at Shot Scope are constantly pushing forward developing amazing and innovative ideas. It’s important that we recognize and protect these innovations allowing Shot Scope to bring them to market.

Does IP underpin your competitive advantage? Yes, we have a unique and complex technology solution that provides Shot Scope users with a product that does not interrupt their game during a round of golf. The specification was simple, build technology that works in the background. It’s very easy to say, much more difficult to design, build and deliver. Our seamless technology meets the needs of the market and is protected by our IP portfolio which includes; patents, trademarks, software, course database, company secrets and manufacturing processes.


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