IP100 ENTRANT – R&G ASSOCIATES (The Marine Shepherd Ltd)

Company name: R&G Associates (The Marine Shepherd Ltd)

Industry sector: Food packaging solutions

Business activity: Licensing Intellectual Properties owned by the Partnership and currently designing Project Plan ‘Don’t Donate-Create’© of tangible AID for AID Donor and AID  recipient Countries

Why is IP important to you? Affords protection to Inventor/Designer and provides security to end users/Licensees

Does IP underpin you competitive advantage? Yes, in many ways. Whilst regarded as intangible Intellectual Property can offer an edge to market competitors. Derivatives developed which add value and enhances uniqueness to Markets. Pending Patents offer up-to-date challenges to single-use plastic waste controversy, re-use and recycle properties reducing carbon footprint.

Why did you enter the IP League Table? I thought it would be interesting to see if we could make an impression and lift our IP identity from what it is at the moment.

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