IP100 ENTRANT – Recycling Technologies


Company name: Recycling Technologies

Industry sector: Oil, Gas & Renewables

Business activity: Recycling Technologies is helping to solve one of the world’s biggest problems by turning end of life plastic into Plaxx®. Current global production of plastic surpasses 330 million metric tons per year and is forecast to double over the next 20 years. Plastic is a truly versatile and valuable material, so it’s not surprising that its production and use is growing exponentially. Consequently, the problem of residual plastic waste is also growing.  Only 10% of the plastic waste is recycled. The remainder ends up incinerated, sent to landfill or left to pollute land and sea. If the current trend continues the world faces an ever-increasing problem. Recycling Technologies has invented the RT7000, a modular machine to increase plastic recycling rates, reduce costs and meet our customers’ environmental commitments. The RT7000 utilises advanced thermal cracking technology to convert residual plastic waste into Plaxx. Plaxx is a recycled oil which can be used as feedstock in the production of new plastic. Recycling Technologies will be able to close the loop of the plastics value chain and create a truly circular economy for all plastics.


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