Company name: Polarisoft

Industry sector: Software as a Service

Business activity: Polarisoft solves the “what-if” of business.  Our software as a service platform, PPMAnywhere can provide a business with a crystal ball to gaze into the future and create a roadmap to the next level.  PPMAnywhere captures and manages information about a business’ process, people and financials to provide business transparency through user friendly reporting and dashboards.  With predictive analytics PPMAnywhere provides companies tools to model the future, plan a strategy and track execution.

Why is IP important to you? Creating unique value is key to everything we do, everything our customers look for, and makes the world economy go around.  By understanding the value IP, our business can communicate with customers and shareholders in clear and concise terms.

Does IP underpin your competitive advantage? We have 2 key competitive advantages:  IP and a great team.  We are constantly innovating new IP for businesses to be more competitive. By applying the principles of clean design and human behaviour to software, we have created elegant solutions for business automation, project and portfolio management, and business transparency.


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