Company name: Payfont Limited

Industry sector: Information Technology

Business activity: We help you build customer confidence and help them feel safe. Our patented e-commerce identity and transaction security will help you:

  • Rebuild solid relationships with your customers in real ways, creating real loyalty and value.
  • Improve customer satisfaction, a great reputation and lower costs.
  • Produce real transparency, building customer confidence and clear accountability.
  • Provide world class protection affordable to merchants, driving new business growth, and reduced fraud.

Oversee unique insight into who did what, where, when, with what, building real confidence and trusted relationships.

Why is IP important to you? IP lies at the heart of our business. As a business start-up, we don’t have the necessary funds to go directly to market. This means we need to build our IP to protect our business and build credibility and value to raise funding to get to market. With the development and utilisation of the world wide web having grown exponentially over the last 20 years, all means of access and data solutions have been bolt on controls. We have been building products that have the ability to transform access and security and make them available to the world at large in a simple but safe format. We have sought to protect this as we have moved through the development stage.

Does IP underpin your competitive advantage? Absolutely. Our patented and patent pending IP delivers a generational step forward for protecting individuals’ identity and securing personal and corporate data. Our IP as it stands is at the core of what we have developed and as such we will be building on this to deliver further developments based on our core IP and securing further patents as we progress on our journey. Our IP delivers a new generation of personal protection and data security which can be built upon and extended into other business and commercial activities.



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