Company name: Fixzone (Pacifica Group)

Industry sector: Service Management software

Business activity: SaaS, Insurance industry / Warranty Claims  management, service dispatch platforms. Retailer service Portals. Mobility software.

Why is IP important to you? Part of the Pacifica Group, Fixzone has unique specific expertise in the service industry; we commenced business in 1989 as a supplier of programming services early clients included Lombard, NatWest and BAE. Having built client/server applications since 1989, our cutting edge IP allowed us to tackle the most challenging projects with confidence. We have also developed many unique products and processes  to address the needs of UK product aftercare and insurance markets, giving full visibility of service or replacement cycles, dramatically reducing compliance issues. Our Mobility Connect product was one of the first to market and is Android, iOS and Windows compatible.

Does IP underpin your competitive advantage? Yes most certainly; our integrated software products, field and depot services are used regularly by some of the world leading manufacturers, third party administration, insurance and retailers companies. Our software can schedule and manage mixed labour channel resources, own employed, third party contracted and on demand field resources.

Having traditionally focused in the Domestic appliance and CE industry, we are now rapidly expanding into other verticals, Pacifica Group  have over 25 years of experience in both software and field service management.  We have robust, longstanding relationships with manufacturers, large retailers and our client retention is tremendous.

We also employ some of the most experienced field management professionals in the UK, enabling us to provide proactive solutions for fast paced change, we always bring a partnership approach, our software and our people can deliver substantial support to any service based operation, plus a commitment to integrity and continuous improvement.


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