Company name: NooQ

Industry sector: Software

Business activity: nooQ is the award-winning corporate communication platform which transforms organisational efficiency, effectiveness and productivity by over 24%. Email inboxes and group messaging are not solving the current information overload problem and it’s time for a new approach. nooQ is the only corporate communications platform designed to filter data visually using innovative ‘volume’ controls, cutting through information overload and allowing users to instantly see what is happening to them. Go to www.nooq.co for more details.

Does IP underpin your competitive advantage? nooQ offers a completely new way to communicate and is the most innovative digital workplace platform in a very competitive market. Our brand IP stands out because we are the only visual application in this space, we distinctive branding to stand out from traditional safe blue software vendors. Our technical IP is crucial for our competitive advantage. We have been awarded several product awards, beating the traditional style applications and billion-dollar companies such as IBM, Atlassian and MangoApps. We have innovative, market-leading algorithms and IP on how to solve this problem, so there will be a continual need to stay ahead of the market.


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