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Company name: Miigen (UK) Limited

Industry sector: Software – Health and Wellbeing

Business activity: Online social platform for families

Why is IP important to you? Having our own source code and the IP attached to it is important as we are building a Global Multilingual Platform and the infrastructure it sits on. Having our IP valued has proven attractive to existing and to future investors as it adds value to any valuation we are to discuss with VCs and Equity Partners. As a business that aims to have 10m users across the globe on our platform it was important that we built our own private cloud and code for security and performance. Having this recognised and listed on the IP100 List is validation of our efforts to date.

Does IP underpin your competitive advantage? Yes. As we are in complete control of Miigen from source code to infrastructure scale we are not reliant on 3rd party providers like AWS nor do we share bandwith with other organisations.

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