Company name: Mevgen Technologies

Industry sector: Recruitment

Business activity: Providing a recruitment solution that uses technology to connect candidates directly with employers. Our IP uses a sophisticated racking algorithm to determine which candidates best fit a given employment opportunity.

Why is IP important to you? Our business is IP – the whole thing is about us making a novel idea linking candiates and businesses, so that idea could be copied. Any investor worth their salt is going to be interested in the data we’re going to have.

Does IP underpin you competitive advantage? Yes, it does. One of the main things that is different from us between us and the other recruitment firms is not only listing jobs, but giving percentages of the sort of people individual companies are employing. Lots of time is wasted with people applying for the wrong job or interviewing people for the wrong job, so it will save time on both sides.

Why did you enter the IP League Table? We’re a new company and I need to get exposure for the company as we go forward, especially with investors. Even having someone vaguely know your name before first contact is an advantage.


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