M Squared

Company Name: M Squared 

Industry Sector: Quantum and Photonics

Business Activity: Recognised as one of the UK’s fastest growing companies, M Squared is a leading developer of photonics and quantum technology.

Why is IP important to you? As an innovation-based business, intellectual property is at the heart of our value creation. Intellectual property delivers commercial value for our new discoveries. Financial success is the platform from which we grow our business, take new technologies overseas and invest in R&D so that new applications can be found. But, working at the cutting edge of science, the everlasting reward for being the one who successfully brings new technology to market is more than financial gain. In our line of work, it could be a turning point in our understanding of Dementia, a cure for cancer, or saving lives in an area of conflict.   In the ten years since M Squared licensed its first patent, the company has built a strong portfolio that now comprises 70 patent families with 223 individual patents. In the past two years alone, M Squared has increased the number of patents it owns by >200%. These patents act to protect our IP and show domain capability, they allow us unique commercial advantages and prevent our competitors copying our ideas. We are committed to harnessing, leveraging and protecting the IP we generate through our innovations (c. 50% of our patents) and the IP we license through collaboration with partners whose work is adjacent to ours.


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