Company name: Iotic Labs

Industry sector: Internet of Things

Business activity: Iotic Labs is transforming business models with disruptive thinking and a sharing environment called Iotic Space. Billions of devices already publish their data, though it has been difficult to find them. Iotic Labs is like an eBay for Internet of Things.

Like eBay, we instil trust by providing a governance layer, so you can:

  • confidently interact, exchange data, goods and services;
  • interrelate disparate data sources, owned and unowned;
  • use what you need and keep the audit trail;
  • create communities of unrelated things that can interact; and
  • generate solutions and products with automated genres of service, operations and logistics.

Why is IP important to you? As the Internet provides space for meeting people, exchanging data, presenting sources of information and has created new businesses, so too Iotic Space offers new insights enabling new businesses and models. This is only possible due to the seven international patents we hold on our IP – productised as a demonstrable and scalable platform.

How does IP underpin your competitive advantage? As a disruptive organisation, in a disruptive market place, our IP is the proof point which enables our engagement with customers and partners. Realising the potential of a true IoT is enabled by allowing partners to develop their own business models to become disruptive . Our IP enables communities to create their own IP maximising insight with minimal effort.


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