Company name: eeGeo Limited

Industry sector: Software

Business activity: B2B licensing of 3D mapping and visualisation platform

Why is IP important to you? IP forms the core of our business. We have built our growth on the basis of our innovative software technologies that have been developed in house. Our IP underpins our product and the value that we deliver to our customers and partners.

Does IP underpin your competitive advantage? Yes, we have unique solutions for the market based on our IP which allows us to deliver tangible benefits to our customers. We have an approach to mapping and the visualisation of complex data, content and services that represents a new paradigm in the industry. By investing in the continual development of our core IP we are in a position to deliver solutions to our customers that are not available elsewhere, whilst presenting a barrier to entry to our competitors.

Why did you enter the IP League Table? To raise awareness of eeGeo as a company and the innovations that we are bringing to the market.

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