Company name: Eagle Genomics

Industry sector: Biotech

Business activity: We provide a solution framework for scientists to converse with complex data sets and gain value from them. We do this through a mix of software development and consultancy.

Why is IP important to you? For Eagle, Intellectual Property forms the foundation for our unique selling points in an emerging and competitive market. Many vendors in this industry focus on analytics or data management, with a varied degree of scientific skills. Eagle has built several layers of IP, covering the architecture, methods, and system learning in our solutions. Our solutions (and IP) are focused on the Life Sciences (e.g. pharma R&D), Healthcare (e.g. clinical data) and Personal Care (e.g. cosmetics, personal hygiene) markets.

Does IP underpin your competitive advantage? Eagle brings economic and scientific value to large data sets that clients are wishing to use across their R&D processes. Because our expertise spans across a diverse set of domains (science/bioinformatics to data architecture/modelling to agile software development), we have been able to build cross-functional understanding that is unique to the target industries. Our IP reflects these understandings. For example, we have built a biological-aware dataset curation (“biocuration”) engine, which is contextually relevant to the user’s/scientist’s project and which statistically measures the relevancy of the results to the user’s goals. This drives economic and scientific value to the user.

Why did you enter the IP League Table? The IP League Table offers Eagle a significant opportunity to describe our strategy and unique position for IP specifically. This is very important in an industry where vendors often describe promise but have no significant validated IP “inside the box”. Eagle is a leader in driving practical value to the client, and we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with the IP League Table to present our journey.


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