Double Your Success


Company name: Double Your Success

Industry sector: Entrepreneurship/ Education

Business activity: Double Your Success turns entrepreneurs into Bad-asses! Through a series of books and courses, this unique set of tools and resources helps businesses to excel. Taught at universities, corporate workshops and business conferences, the step by step approach to all our resources ensures that each participant has something valuable and usable to take away and implement straight away. From ‘Testing Your Business Concept’ through to ‘How to Open Doors To Other Businesses’, the various workshops use a follow along workbook based approach to make it ultra logical. Giving participants the confidence to take their business forward with a solid, well thought out plan.

Many businesses simply try, great businesses use our tools to simplify the problem and ultimately double their success.

Why is IP important to you: To stand out from the crowd you need to be different and make a difference that no one else is making. Creating original IP does this and get’s us acknowledgement from all quarters (including awards and honours)

Does IP underpin your competitive advantage? Absolutely. Our model is to stand out from the crowd and do what they have all been missing. We’ve taken something that was seemingly complicated and uncomplicated it for the masses. Our advantage is in our uniqueness and it’s what our students love about us.


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