Company name: Digitonic

Industry sector: Automotive, Retail, E-Gaming, Financial Services, Utilities and Entertainment

Business activity: Mobile Marketing and Technology

Why is IP important to you? By understanding our Intellectual Property fully, we are able to protect what makes Digitonic special and thus helps to encourage innovation that is integral to the success of our business. IP has been at the heart of Digitonic from day one and we continue to develop and improve our product offering by pushing the boundaries of mobile technology.

Does IP underpin your competitive advantage? Our IP definitely underpins our competitive advantage and our robust IP strategy is vital for driving revenue, building value as well as improving key decision making due to having a better understanding of our business. We have invested in developing unique technology including mDoc, Entr and recently launched AdNews. No other business offers these solutions and this provides us with us an advantage over our competitors, giving our clients an exclusive approach to smart mobile marketing.

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