Company name: Datatecnics

Industry sector: Technology

Business Activity: Intelligent Infrastructure

Company Description: Datatecnics Corporation are pioneers of intelligent infrastructure. We are award-winning innovators creating, developing, and commercializing technologies with the capability to transform the way the world interacts with its physical infrastructure. We change passive infrastructure into advanced systems capable of real-time monitoring, predictive analytics and autonomous controls, delivering substantial productivity, efficiency, and operational gains for our clients. Our technologies embed intelligence within critical infrastructure to protect vital assets and deliver a new era of economic growth and competitiveness in water, energy and beyond.

Why is IP important? Innovation runs as a core ethos of our business. We ideate, design, iterate, refine and build until we have a product that most effectively resolves a problem for our clients. We generate world-class products and protecting the hard-work and vision of our team is fundamentally important in achieving our aspirations.

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