Company name: COREX (UK) Limited

Industry sector: Oil and gas services

Business activity: Specialised geological analysis services including formation damage analysis, core analysis, EOR/IOR and reservoir geology services.

Recent update:  COREX (UK) Ltd, recently acquired by Premier Oilfield Laboratories (POL), is an international provider of analytical services for the oil and gas industry, helping to improve hydrocarbon recovery whilst mitigating risk for E&P operators. COREX has built its business and established its reputation by focusing on innovation, excellent customer service (COREXCELLENCE) and the development of key intellectual property, which is fundamental to their continued growth and success. Throughout the combined group of companies POL look to retain and encourage the development of COREX innovative ideas and solutions which was recognised as a key asset of the COREX brand throughout the acquisition process and will remain a fundamental part of the COREX / POL companywide strategy.

2016 saw COREX awarded 2nd place in the Metis Intellectual Property (“IP”) League Table, IP100 successfully achieving the highest ranked position of any Oil and Gas Company as well as celebrating a spotlight position as the top Scottish company. COREX performed exceptionally in all five classes; particularly Brand & Reputation emerging as joint winners. It is through the integration of the COREX Blueprint that COREX have celebrated such success in the IP arena. The blueprint is the COREX operational matrix (the internal delivery process of the external customer journey). It is an all encompassing document which defines how COREX conduct our everyday business internally covering seven activity streams and associated intellectual property (critical databases, software, brand and reputation, know how, our ways of working, COREXPLORE etc) with the view to how this is delivered externally (through COREXCELLENCE).

Established in the mid 1970’s, COREX over the last 40 years have built up a wealth of experience across the oil & gas industry. COREX have analysed millions of samples and are recognized as one of the world’s leading Independent Core Analysis providers. COREX deliver specialist services in the area of Routine Core Analysis, Special Core Analysis, PVT, NMR, Formation Damage Analysis, Enhanced Oil Recovery and Reservoir Geology to the majority of leading oil and gas companies worldwide including Shell, BP and Statoil amongst many others. COREX operates out of major facilities in Europe, North Africa and USA.

The POL team located in Houston has been involved in all aspects of pre planning consultancy, development of specialised workflows, wellsite support, unconventional laboratory test measurements and also has an experienced Reservoir Characterisation team and a highly sophisticated Rock Mechanics laboratory. In 2016 COREX was acquired by POL providing enhanced opportunities for both companies to globalise their customer base and expand further in international territories, products and services. POL is highly experienced in unconventional reservoirs in the USA and internationally. POL will contribute industry leading competency to the combined company allowing COREX to gain access to high-tech laboratory equipment and expertise in unconventional analysis including consultancy.

2016 also saw COREX presented the Commitment to Innovative Use of Research & Development award at the Northern Star Business Awards 2016 which recognises companies throughout the North-East of Scotland for their exceptional accomplishments across a range of fields from energy to innovation, people development to customer service.

COREX has a long tradition of providing quality laboratory testing in conventional reservoirs. Coupled with POL’s enhanced workflows ranging from single well to field developments the COREX / POL group of companies now have the ability to offer clients a more comprehensive solution worldwide.

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