Company name: BrandFour

Industry sector: Web, Mobile and System Design

Business activity: Innovative Agency creating unique digital solutions for various market sectors. Solutions include large scale web, database and mobile solutions. New innovations include wearable technology.

Why is IP important to you? Creating and protecting our IP is the way BrandFour is going to create profits in the future. We develop software that solves issues for business, the IP created in the process will be relevant to many other business that have the same problems and therefore leads to more opportunities.

Does IP underpin your competitive advantage? Yes, we operate in a hugely competitive market so creating IP that we can use and re-use in different configurations means when we go to pitch our ideas we can take prototypes that demonstrate the value we are offering. Having a tangible solution removes the barriers in the pitch, leads to a more valuable contract pitched and a quicker decision.

Why did you enter the IP League Table? We entered the IP League to gain recognition for the work we have been doing. We are a small but highly agile and experienced team and we are working with National businesses on large scale contracts. We see the IP League as becoming part of a group of like-minded businesses who know what the benefits of IP are going to be in the future. In our market, software and the data it collects are the future of our business. Our IP will enable us to gain more clients and bigger contracts and we hope being included in the League will demonstrate our commitment to this.


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