Company name: Biovici Diagnostics

Industry sector: Biotech

Business activity: Working in collaboration with the University of Birmingham, Biovici Diagnostics has identified microRNA biomarkers related to Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) from mild (concussion) to moderate/severe. This discovery is truly ground-breaking and disruptive, as the panel detects mild to moderate/severe TBI in blood samples collected at point-of-injury. This had never been achieved before. We are developing lab and point of injury-based tests surrounding this discovery.

Why is IP important to you? Intellectual property protection is fundamental to cutting edge technology development start-ups.  Protection of IP enables smaller, less established companies to gain a foothold and provides a strong negotiation platform from which to engage with larger multinationals, and subsequently to be able to compete on the global stage. Without protection of ideas, young businesses would struggle to gain a competitive edge in a global market place where £billion companies dominate.

Does IP underpin your competitive advantage? IP and know-how are the backbone of our company.  IP of the biomarkers gives us a unique competitive edge.  IP protects our discoveries and provides a foundation from which we can undertake commercialisation and further research unhindered.


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