Do you have a robust IP strategy?

Intellectual property (IP) is often one of the most valuable assets in your business. When IP assets are not managed effectively, it can affect a company’s ability to exploit competitive advantage and generate a return on investment for its IP assets. Strategic IP management is typically focused on:

  • the mitigation of risk, by ensuring that IP assets are adequately protected in commercially relevant territories;

  • the creation of value, by developing and aligning an IP strategy with a company’s business strategy; and

  • creating strong barriers to entry, by ensuring the critical IP that underpins a company’s competitive advantage are identified and properly managed.

How can we help?

Our IP Advisory services comprise:

  • Commercial IP Due Diligence – Designed for lenders and investors to mitigate risk in lending and M&A buy-side scenarios. We identify and assess the quality and extent of a business’ IP assets prior to any corporate transaction, and map how these IP assets underpin existing and future revenue streams. We analyse existing and future IP that is pivotal to securing competitive advantage, and highlight any IP risks that should be addressed and which are critical to forming a view on the commercial risk of a transaction.

  • Virtual Chief Intellectual Property Officer (vCIPO) – Designed primarily for SMEs in need of ad-hoc commercial IP advice, our vCIPO service provides continuous support to management. We guide clients on IP-related projects focused on risk mitigation and high-impact results, such as trade secrets policy implementation and protection assignments. A longer-term vCIPO engagement is typically focused on the development of an IP management programme for sustainable value generation by creating, implementing and maintaining a robust IP strategy which links directly with a business strategy. Our vCIPO service adds value to a company’s IP management process on a bespoke basis and has been proven to improve the return on investment for a company’s management, board members and investors.

  • IP Audit – Ideal for companies that are seeking to obtain a comprehensive understanding of their existing IP portfolio, we identify, map and assess a company’s IP assets to enable management to recognise the IP assets that underpin the company’s competitive advantage. We provide strategic recommendations focused on the management of IP risks, and the ways in which a company can protect and exploit these critical IP assets.

  • IP Commercialisation – Addressing IP owners and companies’ aim of maximising their return on investment (ROI) on their IP assets, we help navigate IP-related commercialisation deals and structures, in order to create different business models capable of generating new revenue streams. We run specialist IP asset sale exercises, helping IP owner maximise their ROI, as well as provide advice and support on licensing strategies and structures, commercial royalty rate, and market entry strategies, using IP as an enabler.

 Why use us?

Metis Partners has built up a wealth of experience working across a variety of sectors, including oil and gas, electronics, software development, medical technology, with a diverse range of companies and professional advisers. We have been delivering strategic, realistic and measurable IP-related commercial advice for more than ten years. We work with clients, including IP-rich companies, lenders, investors, and assist them to properly identify, manage, protect and exploit critical intellectual property assets.

Metis Partners has consistently been recognised as thought leader in delivering valuable commercial IP advice, and is at the forefront of consistent innovation. Stephen Robertson, Founder and Director of Metis Partners, is acknowledged as one of the “World’s 300 Leading IP Strategists” by IAM Magazine and has recently co-authored and co-edited Intellectual Property Strategy: A Practical Guide to IP Management in 2017. Metis Partners has also provided valuable insight at the WIPO Conference in 2017, as well as led committee activities of the LES Scotland, further solidifying its standing in the IP community.

Our clients

Further information

If you would like to know more about our IP Advisory services, please contact Ruby Chan on 0141 353 3011 or ruby@metispartners.com.