Metis Partners is a specialist IP firm with a long-standing and proven track record in helping improve the ROI from a company’s IP assets by making these assets visible on the company balance sheet, or transforming these assets into cash. With a strong multi-disciplinary team headed by an IAM 300-acknowledged leading IP strategist, and significant IP experience built up over a number of years working in IP-related sectors, it’s no wonder Metis Partners is the go-to for IP-related advice.

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Put simply, Metis Partners unlocks the hidden IP value which exists in virtually every business, whether on behalf of third party professionals such as banks, VCs, insolvency practitioners and pension funds or directly on a company’s behalf. Many companies believe they lack IP assets, as they are usually ignored given their lack of visibility or inclusion on company balance sheets. In our experience, however, most companies have a significant amount of IP which underpins their competitive advantage. These can take the form of a company brand, know-how or trade secrets, software, technical or manufacturing specifications as well as in the more traditionally recognised forms of IP such as patents or designs. While these IP assets can all comprise a company’s suite of critical intellectual property assets, they are often undervalued and rarely managed or protected properly.

With more than ten years of commercial experience in the field of intellectual property, we have systematically invested, and continue to invest, in our people and processes. Our unique methodology, Metisology®, is the benchmark against which we discover and rate a company’s IP assets, and our proprietary IP Asset Maps make it easy for senior management and stakeholders to quickly recognise and understand the most valuable IP assets within any given business. In addition, we have developed robust IP scorecards which underpin our IP valuation service, as well as a methodical IP Foundation Checklist which forms the basis of our due diligence offering.

Regardless of the particular methodology or tool being used, our reliance on these well developed and oft-tested tools means we deliver a high quality and consistent service every time.

In addition, our track record in IP Valuation and Sales, both in solvent and insolvent scenarios, gives us a unique advantage in understanding the value of, and market for, IP assets outwith a hypothetical scenario. Having supported more than 500 transactions to date, our proprietary database of IP transactions underpins our ability to deliver high quality, realistic and consistent advice to clients time and time again.

Metis Partners’ expertise in helping companies and third party professionals identify and leverage critical IP assets has frequently been commended. We have won numerous awards which recognise both the skills and experience of our team, as well as a number of noteworthy deals and transactions we have been involved in. Some notable awards include: