UK-based pioneering fruit and vegetable harvesting automation technology

Metis Partners presents a “hand picked’ opportunity to acquire the intellectual property (“IP”) portfolio of Xihelm Limited.  Xihelm is at the cutting edge of the agrifood technology sector. Its advanced robotics and AI technology is proven to provide improved crop identification, early detection of crop disease, up to 7x harvesting efficiency and increased productivity of agricultural operations.

Backed by circa $10m in investment to date, the business developed breakthrough technology for the agrifood sector that automates labour-intensive tasks for fruit and vegetable harvesting, including even delicate tasks like tomato harvesting.

Opportunity Highlights

  • Acquire a disruptive patent-protected, AI-driven Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS) automation technology backed by more than $10m investment to date, with applications in produce harvesting, and fruit & vegetable packing.
  • Capitalise upon the strong initial demand received from industry leading firms in relation to the Company’s Incredipack product, which leverages automation, data analytics, and AI to enhance efficiency in the fruit & vegetable packing industry.
  • An opportunity to acquire significant IP in the agrifood sector, seeking to break the labour shortage bottleneck in an industry which added £127bn to the UK economy in 2021[1].
  • Leverage technology and evident market demand, presenting a lucrative opportunity for acquirers in the fast-growing AI-driven automation industry, complete with a skilled team, with a ready-to-use research workspace in London.
  • Complementary IP assets including valuable comprehensive AI training data sets, organisational knowledge and registered trade marks protecting the Company’s corporate and product brand names.

[1] The Food Chain, Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs:,Summary,sectors%20also%20saw%20an%20increase.

Sales Process

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Marketing Doc and Legal Notice

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