Thursday, January 21, 2021 @ 12 pm EST | 5 pm GMT

IP Disruptors 2021: a series developed in partnership with IP 100 and Patsnap, a global leader in connected innovation intelligence with 50,000 members.

The IP Disruptors series for 2021 will feature 10 webinars led by Stephen Robertson, founder of Metis Partners and creator of IP100.  Webinar content is centered around IP strategy and in particular the key themes explored in the industry reference book Intellectual Property Strategy: A Practical Guide to IP Management, which Stephen Robertson co-authored.

In the first episode of this series we will uncover the key insights of patent valuation and how the value of IP has changed during the pandemic.

Event Information:

Date: Thurs., 21st July, 2021

Time: 12pm EST | 5PM BST

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View the webinar here.

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