The Client

The Company was established in 2015 for the purpose of developing more efficient electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, to directly address the problem of providing fast-charging solutions for EVs at times and locations where the grid is at maximum capacity. With a rise in global EV production targets, the Company has developed a range of products to address global demand for efficient energy storage. More than $15m has been invested in R&D to date, and the Company has secured several contracts with public and private sector transport solution providers and was seeking growth finance to roll-out its commercialization strategy.

The Assignment

We were engaged by the Company, to confirm its key IP assets and estimate their likely value both in an accelerated M&A and in an insolvency scenario. These ‘downside valuations’ would be relied upon by the Company in its discussions with potential lender.

Our Approach

Using our Metisology® approach we identified a portfolio of IP assets including patents, software, data and analytics, and key organizational knowledge that underpin both its main product offerings and the Company’s critical business operations. In addition to patent-backed technology, the Company had developed proprietary software, which was integral to the delivery of supporting services offered by the Company.

The Outcome

Our report included an IP narrative that explained the extent and quality of the IP assets in the business, which the Company could use to demonstrate how its technology would be disruptive in the market. Our ‘downside valuations’ gave lenders the comfort they needed that value could be recovered from the sale of the IP assets as collateral, from both accelerated M&A and insolvency scenarios. We highlighted key factors that were likely to appeal to IP buyers and both drive and preserve value in each of these scenarios, based on our experience of valuing and selling IP and our knowledge of M&A in the sector. The Company secured vital growth finance based on our IP valuation.

IP Assets Valued – Brand and Reputation, Trade Marks, Patents, Software, Databases, Key Organizational Knowledge, Website Content & Domains