The Client

A US neuro-performance company, formed in 2014, that uses proprietary, cutting-edge neurotechnology to coach elite sports and investment professionals to optimize their performance. The Company’s core product uses a neuro feedback program to deliver measurable cognitive enhancement and is underpinned by a broad portfolio of IP assets, principally patents, software and algorithms, and unique data sets.

Significant investment in research and development has been made by the Company, and hundreds of $millions of government funding, through DARPA, had contributed to core elements of the IP portfolio. This IP-rich Company was embarking on a fundraise to roll-out its disruptive products and commercialization strategy.

The Assignment

We were engaged by the Company to appraise and value its critical IP assets to support the Company’s fundraising activities.

Our Approach

Utilizing our Metisology® approach, we identified the critical IP assets that underpin the Company’s competitive moat. The patent portfolio provides protection to the process and systems of collecting and analyzing data, which have been proven to be a significant enhancement from those adopted by competitors, providing a considerable barrier to entry and protection for the USP of the Company.

The Company has both developed and acquired proprietary technology and processes, derived from a decade of conducting pilot studies with elite military teams, top athletes, and investment professionals. It has collated a unique technical database which is rich in analytics, from 10 years of experiments involving almost 250 subjects. The data forms a key part of a baseline benchmark that the Company can utilize to measure improvements in human performance. We appraised the database as a critical IP asset that provides significant differentiation for the Company’s product and service and was a key factor driving IP value.

The Outcome

We delivered a report that demonstrated the quality and extent of this unique IP portfolio and how it creates a robust competitive moat around the business. Our competitor and market analysis provided valuable insight and context on the potential of this IP to shape industry standards in neuroperformance, using both its innovative software, algorithms, and its significant proprietary database of neuro benchmarks.

Our report was used to provide an essential IP narrative which became a key factor in the Company’s discussions with potential investors.

IP Assets Valued: Patents, Software, Databases, Key Organizational Knowledge, Brand & Reputation