The Client

A listed entity involved in the discovery and development of novel classes of therapeutic molecules, innovative enzymes and functional ingredients, had developed a rich portfolio of IP in a niche sector and attracted $millions in investment.

The Assignment

When the Company entered financial distress, it was vital that a solution was found to avoid the loss of both the critical IP and the millions that had been invested to date. A range of offers had been received for the Company’s assets including a number of combined offers for both the physical and IP assets. We were then appointed to value the IP to provide comfort to the investors in the business that the offers reflected the full and market value of the IP in a distressed scenario.

Our Approach

Utilizing our Metisology® approach we identified and appraised the IP assets. We discovered a rich portfolio, including a number of assets that were not being considered as IP by either the Company or the potential buyers, but were identified as being critical in underpinning the Company’s operations. We identified that these A-typical assets contributed to the competitive moat around the business and therefore formed part of our IP valuation.

IP assets that we identified and valued included a microbial library and its associated data, corporate & product brands and collateral, trademarks, patent portfolio, operational and health & safety manuals, and market intelligence documents.

The Outcome

We performed a valuation of a unique bundle of IP rights being leveraged in a niche sector. We benchmarked our valuation against previous IP sales from this sector, from our proprietary database, to ensure our valuation reflected market conditions and relied on referenceable market data.

Our extensive experience of selling IP assets from distressed scenarios gave us unrivaled insight in valuing the niche IP assets discovered in this business.

IP Assets Valued – Brands & Trade Marks, Patent Portfolio, Website & Domains, Key Organizational Knowledge