The Client

Our Client is a former shareholder and director of an Irish publishing company, incorporated to commercialize novels authored by a renowned UK author who has received international acclaim. The Company is used to facilitate the development of related IP assets for television, film, theatre, and audio work adaptations, based on the original literary works.

The Assignment

The Client sought IP valuation advice in relation to the IP assets and IP rights exploited by the publishing company and the author of the literary works, to inform and support an ongoing legal case.

Our Approach

Using our Metisology® approach, we performed an analysis of the author’s critical IP assets, and conducted diligence on existing information available regarding the IP assets and an IP valuation conducted by the opposing party in the litigation. We performed analysis on the literature and publishing industry to review all the valuation assumptions made by the third party to provide and provided our Client with our expert opinion. We also benchmarked, appraised, and challenged key valuation inputs that had been applied in arriving at the opposition’s valuation.

The Outcome

We delivered a thorough review of the third-party IP valuation previously conducted and the relevant IP assets, on an accelerated basis to ensure our Client was adequately prepared for court proceedings. Our IP Valuation Advice was relied upon to challenge numerous assumptions that were made regarding both the likely commercialization of the IP asset and key valuation inputs, which in our opinion did not reflect reasonable economic assumptions.

IP Assets Valued: Publishing Royalties