The Client

The Company had created a management platform which enabled tracks, metadata and legal rights to be stored together in one place, allowing users to manage and share their tracks with clients and digital services, such as Spotify. The Company also offered a music profiling and cataloguing service, using a series of complex algorithms and metadata, and its software was originally initially developed for the Universal Music Group. The Company had high-profile clients included Warner Music, PIAS and Domino.

The Assignment

We were engaged by Inquesta, to assist in the marketing and selling of the IP assets from bankruptcy in order to maximize financial recovery for creditors.

Our Approach

Using our proprietary methodology, Metisology®, we identified a range of IP assets which had been critical to the Company’s revenue generation, including:

  • Market-ready and comprehensively documented software
  • A memorable registered .com domain and content -rich website
  • 3 unregistered trade marks and significant goodwill in the corporate brand
  • An extensive database of music industry contacts
  • Documented (and transferable) key organizational knowledge

We supported the Client in quickly registering trade marks in order to preserve IP value and protect the brand against any third party infringement, while the insolvency progressed.

The Outcome

Our global marketing campaign attracted significant interest and we created competitive tension, negotiated with several bidders, and secured a return that materially exceeded expectations. The marketing and sale process helped the liquidator demonstrate that the fiduciary duties were more than achieved and in addition, the accelerated timetable of deal completion resulted in the continued employment of key software developers.

IP Assets Sold – Software, Brand & Trade Marks, Website & Domains, Key Organizational Knowledge.

“We received four offers for the assets and are pleased to secure their sale to Made in Memphis Entertainment. The outcome will ensure a return for creditors on their claims.”
- Steven Wiseglass, Inquesta