The Client

Our US-based Client developed a SaaS-based property management platform that enables users such as real estate investors, landlords and property management businesses to eliminate repetitive and time-consuming work associated with property management activities. The Company’s software platform was launched in October 2022, achieving initial traction in the market. The Company had conducted pre-launch marketing campaigns and BD activities, providing it with an initial confirmation of its target market and customer pipeline.

The Assignment

Following an M&A approach by a large market participant, we were engaged by the Company to provide a valuation of its brand-related assets, comprising trade mark applications, the Company’s website, domain name, and social media collateral. Despite the early-stage nature of the Company, its pre-launch marketing campaigns had allowed it to achieve initial and significant brand exposure in the market. The Client relied on our Desktop IP Valuation to determine its strategy for negotiations with the potential buyer.

Our Approach

Using our Metisology® approach, we assessed the Company’s brand-related assets to determine the extent to which they underpin the Company’s product offering and projected revenues and how the brand assets were being leveraged to position the Company’s primary asset, the software platform. We performed extensive royalty rate analysis, in order to ensure that the final royalty rate applied in the valuation best reflected a commercial rate at which a third party would likely license these assets.

The Outcome

To facilitate exploratory M&A discussions, we delivered a well-diligenced, yet cost effective Desktop IP Valuation of the brand-related assets, reinforcing this with an IP narrative which provided a brief overview of the extent and quality of the assets; a narrative that our Client utilized in its discussions with the buyer.

IP Assets Valued: Brand-related assets