The Company

A UK-based global provider of contactless payment solutions, trading since 2019 offering white-label payment solutions for the sports, leisure, and entertainment sectors. A key element of the solution was that it collected rich consumer data that could be used to enhance customer experiences, even in real-time. The Company's complex proprietary software provides essential plug-and-play solutions critical to its revenue generation, enabling it to gain recognition in the industry by providing services to global sports and event organizations including teams in the NFL & NBA, music festivals, and nightclubs.

The Assignment

We were engaged by the Company’s restructuring advisors to provide a distressed IP valuation support when the Company experienced financial difficulties, in advance of a potential administration process.

Our Approach

Utilizing our Metisology® approach, we identified all the IP assets that underpinned the Company’s operations and its revenue streams. The Company’s proprietary software platform, developed at a cost of over £4m since 2020, is a proven technology solution with positive testimonials from high-profile customers and underpins recurring revenues. The award-winning technology and brand is well-protected by registered trademarks in key commercial territories and has established reputational value in the emerging B2B2C contactless payment solutions marketplace. In addition to these key assets, the Company also own a B2B customer database, a domain name portfolio and organisational knowledge underpinning key business processes and operations.

The Outcome

We delivered an IP Valuation reflecting the likely value of the IP assets from an accelerated M&A scenario. Following a period of marketing the business, the restructuring advisors relied on our report to support a pre-pack administration, ensuring the continuation of the Company.

IP Assets Valued: Brand, Trademarks, Content-rich Websites and Domains, Key Organisational Knowledge, Software, Customer Data & Relationships.