The Company

A tech-enabled customer service specialist, providing outsourced customer service support to enterprise customers in the information technology and consumer electronics sectors. The Company generated circa £5m revenue in the most recent financial year and has achieved significant revenue growth over the last 3 years. The Company also boasts a number of notable customers, including Sony, Google, Microsoft, HP, and Samsung.


The Assignment

The Company faced financial distress as a result of its inability to accelerate revenue growth, due to challenging market conditions and the burden of high overhead costs related to staffing. We were engaged by the Company to provide a distressed IP valuation, in order to assist Management in exploring various corporate restructuring options.

Our Approach

Utilizing our Metisology® approach, we identified all the IP assets that underpinned the Company’s operations and its revenue streams. We identified that the Company’s proprietary software platform served as the foundation for its service delivery, whilst the Company also owned key organisational knowledge and brand-related assets which were critical to its operations. However, the software itself did not directly generate revenue and a team of developers was necessary in order to configure the platform for each customer. This would necessitate investment from a buyer of the IP, therefore limiting the potential demand and impacting the valuation.

The Outcome

We delivered an IP Valuation, reflecting the expected amount that may be reasonably expected to be realised from the sale of the assets in a highly accelerated auction. We delivered our report to the Company’s Management team, providing them with the necessary information to explore various corporate restructuring options.


IP Assets Valued: Brand, Trademarks, Websites and Domains, Key Organisational Knowledge, Software, Patent Application.