IP100 Update: Congratulations to SwiftKey


Everyone has made an embarrassing mistake via predictive text, simply because it doesn’t think the way you do. Enter SwiftKey: intelligent word prediction software which creates a cloud-based personalised dictionary based on the way you write, including (on an opt-in basis) data from Facebook and email.

SwiftKey has been considered one of Britain’s biggest app successes – and for good reason. It is the world’s biggest keyboard app with 250 million users speaking in over a hundred languages, and has rave reviews over a wide variety of channels, praising its ability to predict what texters are thinking. It was recently acquired by Microsoft for an enormous $250m – not too shabby for only seven year old!

The information gathered through SwiftKey’s technology has many other uses – for example their recent study on the geographical spread of emojis. The SwiftKey team has expanded into new domains, partnering with Intel to develop new communication technology for Stephen Hawking. Their keyboard was also used by Gal Sont, a programmer recently diagnosed with ALS, and his business partner Dan Russ to develop an eye-tracking keyboard, Click2Speak.

SwiftKey has been repeatedly noted for its innovation, constantly producing new features and designs – for example, its ability to type in three languages at once. Their intellectual property portfolio is extremely impressive, sporting high levels of design rights, trade marks and patents to protect their creative products.

To celebrate and capitalise on their investment, SwiftKey entered our IP League Table – a ranking of companies on their IP strategy track-record in exploiting their IP assets.

 “The IP100 team is thrilled that Swiftkey, one of the top IP League table entrants, achieved a significant and deserving exit premium,” says Stephen Robertson, CEO of Metis Partners. “SwiftKey was awarded 4th place in our IP League Table and a transaction of this magnitude provides clear evidence that the IP League Table can put the spotlight on IP-rich companies and help companies get a return for the investment they have made in IP.  We truly believe this not only validates the IP 100 process and IP scoring system, but provides further evidence of the need for the IP100 platform to help companies prepare better for a successful fundraising and exit.

“We genuinely look forward to losing our next IP League Table entrant, through acquisition, as the commercial value of their IP is recognised as a real differentiator in their market.”

 “The IP league table is a great platform for raising awareness of the business value generated by successful IP management,” says Gareth Jones, Head of IP at SwiftKey. “Engaging in the process has helped us to raise the profile of SwiftKey as an IP-rich company, as well as providing us with useful guidance on additional potential IP initiatives.”

If you would like to gain full recognition for your IP and increase exposure to investors, acquirors or partners, the IP League Table is for you. It’s free and quick to apply, and the top 100 entrants are published in BQ Magazine.