IP100 Update: Congratulations to Sphere Fluidics


We are very excited to see that another IP100 success story! Congratulations go to Sphere Fluidics, a Cambridge-based medical technology company that have just secured $7 million with more to follow! Their advanced single-cell analysis system (Cyto-Mine®) has global potential, and this funding will enable them to extend business activity and fundraising efforts in Asia.

Sphere Fluidics operates through collaboration, enabling the rapid screening and characterisation of single cells and their biological products for use in research, biotherapeutic discovery, bioproduction, cell therapy engineering, drug discovery and diagnostics.

Beginning as a Cambridge University spin-off, Sphere Fluidics has risen from strength to strength in recent years, winning multiple awards in 2015, including CorporateLiveWire’s Innovation and Excellence Award and a AMSCI Biologics Manufacturing Grant of £1.6m. They also performed well in our Intellectual Property League Table in November, coming twelfth out of over fifty companies, as well as fifth for their patent strategy and fourth for their brand management.

This last fortnight has been a roller-coaster for many IP100 2015 finalists. With Swiftkey’s acquisition by Microsoft for $250m, and eeGeo’s partnership with Micello, the benefit of recognising and investing in IP is becoming more and more apparent.

Stephen Robertson, co-founder of the IP League Table said:

“I’m delighted that the IP100 is now achieving its aim of firmly putting a big spotlight on IP rich companies and it’s great to see so many IP100 entrants like Swiftkey and Sphere Fluidics getting the recognition they deserve, achieving massive exit multiples and securing substantial new funding as a result!”

The IP League Table was designed as a platform for IP-savvy companies to highlight their effective IP strategy to investors and acquirors: it’s certainly doing its job! Join today If you want to be recognised for your innovation and IP management.