Happy “World Intellectual Property” day

world ip

This weekend we will be celebrating the World Intellectual Property Day. In 2014 the theme for the day is all about films, stars and of course IP!

Did you know that the first patented machine that showed animated pictures and movies was a device called the “wheel of life” or “zoopraxiscope”? Whilst far from resembling today’s cinema experience, it paved the way for the movie industry’s development. Since then, from Charlie Chaplin to Brad Pitt, cinema has been driven by creativity and innovation, which naturally creates a rich pool of intellectual property.

Here are some more interesting facts about intellectual property in movies:

Metis Partners

Metis Partners, an award-winning specialist in the assessment, exploitation, monetisation and sale of intellectual property assets, is keen on supporting the arts and entertainment companies. The most notable intellectual property assignments within the movie industry include:

An IP Valuation Opinion for a 24-hour a day French network TV channel dedicated to curated films, high couture and international lifestyle, as well as a creative film company, mostly known for producing films based on biographies of famous rock stars. We also assisted in the sale of Intellectual Property Assets of Ink Animations, the web based animation company.

Enjoy your World IP Day
and Watch a Good Movie!

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