Angel News: Metis Partners present a unique opportunity to buy into the burgeoning “smart clothing” market

Angel News: Metis Partners present a unique opportunity to buy into the burgeoning “smart clothing” market

SOFTswitch, the technology named by Time Magazine as one of its Top 10 Coolest Inventions, is being put up for sale following an instruction to Metis Partners, the Glasgow-based, internationally operating intellectual property specialist.

The technology, which has been used by global corporations and organisations such as Nike, NASA, Apple, Burton and BMW, is at the cutting edge of textile-based electronic switching and control system technology.

This means SOFTswitch can be used in “smart clothing”, in which electronic device controls are essentially woven into the fabric, doing away with the need for hard touch pads. The wearable electronics market was worth more than £1.6 billion last year.

Metis Partners is offering buyers a unique chance to purchase SOFTswitch’s intellectual property assets including an international patent portfolio, an award-winning brand protected internationally through the trade marked logo and associated domain name.

The brand was launched at the Tomorrow’s World Technology Fair in London 13 years ago to capitalise on the enormous global potential for textile switches.

The SOFTswitch technology can be used to give clothes Bluetooth capability, to heat them and to outfit them with communications equipment, portable music devices or hands-free two-way radio capability. The Burton Corporation is just one of a number of companies which used the technology in its snowboarding range.

Nat Baldwin, of Metis Partners, who is co-ordinating the sale, said: “The potential of SOFTswitch has already been recognised by some of the biggest corporations in the world as well as by technology commentators and the potential for exploitation is immense. We are fully anticipating keen interest in SOFTswitch from a wide spectrum of potential buyers including those it is most likely to appeal to in the wearable technology, smart clothing and interactive sensor environments.”

The technology is capable of being commercialised beyond existing applications, including use in athletic, fitness and sports shoes and wrist-wear such as advanced electronic watches and wrist-bands. It is tough yet lightweight, and lends itself to weight-saving in air and land vehicle cabin layouts.

It was also used in the development of a space suit in collaboration with NASA. The suit allows for an astronaut to use the cuff to control a robotic rover vehicle on a planetary surface.

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