Metis Partners was appointed by PwC to support the marketing and sale of the IP assets of Maplin Electronics.


Trading since 1976, Maplin Electronics traded from more than 200 stores across the UK and also received considerable international market exposure in Asia and Europe. This award-winning retail brand was synonymous with expert technical electronic advice, coupled with an excellent customer service.

IP Assets Sold

  • Portfolio of registered & unregistered trademarks
  • Goodwill rights in the brand & reputation of the corporate & product brands
  • Customer database with 4.5m live entries & data analytics
  • Extensive & transferable organizational knowledge
  • E-commerce website content & domains
  • Copyright in books & catalogue collections

Highlight of this IP Sale

The Maplin brand had been around for more than 40 years and so generated significant buyer interest, however a key driver for the completion of this IP sale was the extensive customer data and analytics that had been performed by the Company and which was capable of being transferred to a buyer. Maplin Electronics was successfully relaunched as an online retailer and has resumed trading.

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