Metis Partners was appointed by Johnson Carmichael to support the marketing and sale of the IP assets of Smart Tech.


Smart Tech was a horticultural technology company, set up for the purpose of commercializing patented speciality technology in the fields of water management and hydroponics. Smart Tech developed patented watering control solutions and sensors based on Hydrogel Polymer Technologies for both traditional and hydroponic cultivation.

IP Assets Sold

  • International patent portfolio
  • Extensive trademark portfolio
  • Portfolio of unregistered designs
  • Website content & domains
  • Key organizational knowledge

Highlight of this IP Sale

This Company was rich in IP assets but had not yet been market-tested. We conducted thorough sector research to identify a list of potential buyers that would likely see the potential of this technology, including those operating in this niche sector. Our IP expertise enables us to see all the potential applications for a portfolio of IP assets to ensure the net is cast wide to include all potentially relevant buyers.

Asset Sales
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