Metis Partners was appointed by W2E Investment to support the marketing and sale of IP assets and share capital relating to its subsidiary, W2E Technology Limited.


The Company’s Energos Technology provided an environmentally attractive, carbon efficient alternative to burning unwanted waste. This tech had been used for the construction of a number of plants in the UK and also to develop a bespoke project in Norway.

IP Assets Sold

  • Innovative patented tech with international protection
  • Designs portfolio
  • Portfolio of international trademarks
  • Domains

Highlight of this IP Sale

The Company was yet to commercialize its IP however we identified that the Company had highly innovative technology that would likely generate substantial interest. Continuation of the Company was paramount therefore we conducted a marketing exercise offering parties to acquire the Company’s share capital, which generated substantial interest and a high return. The technology continues to be utilized and developed today and further investment has been made in this IP portfolio.

Asset Sales
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