Metis Partners was appointed by Quantuma to support the marketing and sale of the IP asserts of Somnium Technologies.


The Company was founded in 2011 and had combined the approaches of processor architecture and microarchitecture development to provide software tools. The Company’s extensive R&D activities culminated in a suite of licenced-out embedded software development tools, implemented in tens of millions of products worldwide. The Company supplied giants, ARM and Texas Instruments.

IP Assets Sold

  • Unique software and source code
  • International patent portfolio
  • Trade mark portfolio
  • Website content and domains
  • Customer database

Highlight of this IP Sale

The Company was only generating modest revenues prior to us taking its IP assets to market, and our thorough discovery exercise enabled us to effectively communicate the full potential of the IP portfolio to generate future revenue streams. We identified a German buyer for the IP, achieving significant press coverage.

Asset Sales
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