Metis Partners was appointed by Leonard Curtis to sell the IP assets of Secure Electrans 


Secure Electrans was an innovative payment technology company that developed smart metering tech, attracting over $17m investment. The technology was underpinned by a substantial patent portfolio, previously valued by PwC at approximately £1bn. The patented technology protected industry-first solutions for secure smart meter payments, advanced smart meter supplier switching and secure remote payment technologies including geo-location.  

IP Assets Sold

  • International patent portfolio, including US granted patents 
  • Goodwill rights in the Secure Electrans corporate brand  
  • International Trade mark portfolio protecting the HomePay and Greengage product brands 
  • Branded website content & domains 

Highlight of this IP Sale

Metis Partners conducted a global marketing exercise which brought genuine interest from over 30 interested parties operating in this sector. This generated a need for significant due diligence support as qualified buyers wanted to know details about this patented tech. This IP sale was completed in a highly accelerated timescale and facilitated a relaunch. The Secure Electrans brand and HomePay product are still operating today.  

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