Metis Partners was appointed by Inquesta to support the marketing and sale of the IP assets of Beatroot Music.


Beatroot was incorporated in 2014 to develop its music management tool on behalf of Universal Music.

The software at the heart of this tool enabled record labels and publishers to collate their music catalogue, audio files, album artwork, metadata and rights data in one location. The software was functional as a desktop app on both Windows and MacOS and automatically generated extensive and fully organized metadata from a music catalogue, providing a streamlined catalogue and rights management tool.

IP Assets Sold

  • Market-ready and well-documented software
  • Desktop app developed for Android and iOS
  • Extensive database of industry contacts
  • Organizational knowledge
  • Modern website and memorable .com domain name
  • Industry-recognized brand
  • Portfolio of unregistered trademarks

Highlight of this IP Sale

This assignment was performed to highly accelerated timescales and a big marketing push attracted a US buyer, Made In Mephis Entertainment. The timely completion of the IP Sale had the added benefit of saving jobs – Beatroot’s key software developers were subsequently employed by the buyer.

Asset Sales
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