Metis Partners was appointed by David Rubin & Partners to support the marketing and sale of the IP assets of Medcura Technologies.


Medcura was an industry healthcare technology company providing cloud-based, compound management software (CMS) for IV preparation to hospitals and compounding pharmacies.

The Company’s technology was designed to help manage the IV drug delivery process from order receipt, through management of raw materials and production processes, to product release and patient administration of the final product. By electronically controlling the processes around producing patient-specific doses, the technology mitigated the risk of errors associated with manual practices and increases cost efficiency through minimising drug wastage.

IP Assets Sold

  • Proprietary software and source code
  • Registered UK trademark
  • Goodwill in brand & reputation
  • Website content & domains

Highlight of this IP Sale

This highly specialist and innovative technology attracted global interest from operators in the MedTech sector and the UK’s NHS. Our IP diligence meant that we were able to demonstrate the potential value of this IP to potentially interested parties. We provided additional support to the appointed Administrators during the legal completion stage to structure the asset sale agreement. The US MedTech buyer has now successfully incorporated this technology into its current offering.

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