Metis Partners was appointed by Johnston Carmichael to support the marketing and sale of the IP assets relating to PWB Health.


PWB Health was the company behind the highly innovative BreastLight™, a handheld torch that emits light through breast tissue, enabling women to view any abnormalities developing over time. The Company attracted significant investment from both private and public sector sources and sold over 20,000 BreastLights™.

IP Assets Sold

  • Granted patents protecting the BreastLight™ product
  • Trademark protecting the recognizable BreastLight™ brand
  • Registered design rights
  • Website content & branded domain portfolio

Highlight of this IP Sale

This assignment was delivered to highly accelerated timescales in order to preserve IP value for creditors and save employees from redundancy. Our quick action turned this into a success story with a number of key staff being retained, and the efficiency of our process enabled the buyer to quickly re-establish relationships with manufacturers and suppliers in order to relaunch sale of the BreastLight™, almost uninterrupted.

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