The Client

Squirrel Financial Wellbeing Limited

The Assessment

This is a unique opportunity to acquire the IP assets of Squirrel, voted the UK’s #1 money saving app. Rob Horton and Jo Milner of R2, Joint Administrators of Squirrel Financial Wellbeing Limited (in Administration) (“Squirrel” or the “Company”) have instructed Metis Partners to support the marketing and sale of the intellectual property (“IP”) assets relating to the Company, a money saving app developer.

Business Background

Founded in 2013: Squirrel began its journey as a B2B offering to employers, who would offer Squirrel as part of their employee benefit scheme.

Barclays Techstars: In 2014, the Company was selected to join the Barclays Techstars accelerator programme, which led to partnerships with a number of high-profile employers including London City Airport.

B2C Model: In 2016, Squirrel transitioned into a B2C model, offering a subscription-based savings application directly to consumers, charging users a fee of £10 per month for full access.

To date, the Squirrel app has had over 60k registered users, and has handled over  £40m in budgeted income.

Opportunity Highlights

        • Revenue-generating with over 60k registered users and 2000 paying customers, with a 97% retention rate
        • Ranked the UK’s #1 savings platform by the Fairbanking Foundation, and has an average 5-star rating on TrustPilot
        • Over £40m in budgeted income has been handled by Squirrel
        • Application proven to help users save between 20%25% of their after-tax monthly income – 10 times the national average of 2%-4%
        • Supports integration with high street banks

IP Assets Sold


  • Software in relation to Squirrel application V1
  • Software in relation to Squirrel application V2
  • Copyright in relation to the Company’s website content
  • A domain name-
  • A registered trademark
  • UK patent application in relation to the software’s budgeting functionality

Additionally, the following assets may also be available in the event of a share purchase, subject to the FCA consenting to a change of control :

  • FCA Credit Brokering License
  • FCA Debt Counselling License
  • FCA Debt Adjustment License
  • FCA Consumer Credit License

Software Overview

  • Powerful admin interface, KYC checking and user communications setup
  • V2 integrated with TrueLayer, which enables Squirrel to retrieve users’ accounts and transactions, with intelligent algorithms that can budget automatically
  • Backend written in Python 3 Flask Monolith, frontend written in AngularJS
  • Customer’s information protected by 256-bit encryption, with regular penetrative testing performed
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