Automatic Grease Recovery Units (GRUs) IP

Metis Partners invites offers for a proven innovative IP portfolio which underpins a range of commercial products which are tackling the global environmental issue of grease recovery.

Handling Fats, Oils & Grease waste and the damaging impact it has on sewage systems is a global issue for developed countries, with sewer blockages reported in cities all over the world and widely reported in the media as fatbergs. The hospitality & food service sector is a major contributor to this growing problem, and food outlets are under increasing pressure to comply with regulations for grease management, to avoid penalties and fines.

Buyers have the opportunity to acquire the IP portfolio underpinning a patent-protected range of automatic grease recovery units (“GRUs”),which collect fat and grease from commercial kitchens.

The IP assets of Fog Fellow Designs Limited (in Administration) (“Fog Fellow” or the “Company”) underpin the Company’s CYCLONE products, which have been installed in hundreds of outlets and are trusted by some of the most notable UK fast-food establishments.


Opportunity Highlights

    Capitalise upon a significant and growing market opportunity in the UK, where demand is driven by regulation, and with these regulations now being actively enforced, it is expected that over 150,000 UK food service outlets, who are yet to achieve compliance, will drive imminent demand.

    Acquire significant IP assets underpinning a range of patented automatic GRUs, which offer dramatic benefits when compared to traditional GRUs.

    Explore opportunities to supply a number of major fast-food groups that already utilise Fog Fellow GRUs across locations in the UK, which represent significant potential for future revenue generation, via both product sales and contracts to maintain existing machines.

    Exploit a proven product which generated circa £1.2 million revenue in the year to September 2022.

    Enter the US market and build on the rapid growth of demand enjoyed in the last two years. Fog Fellow holds multiple Plumbing & Drainage Institute ("PDI") certifications which are a strict requirement for grease trap installation in the US. With pending US patents that ensure protection for the Company's technology upon approval, a buyer would be well-positioned to penetrate this highly profitable US market.

    Offer a sustainable solution within the circular economy by providing collected grease to biofuel companies that can convert this into biodegradable fuel.
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