Opportunity to acquire a business that has delivered proven App based mental health solutions to the IVF sector. IP for sale includes software platform, App, brand and customer data.

Metis Partners presents the unique opportunity to acquire the business and IP assets of a disruptive UK-based HealthTech company, which has developed a suite of mental wellbeing solutions including a direct-to-consumer (“DTC”) mental wellbeing assessment kit and a digital wellbeing support solution for patients undergoing in-vitro-fertilization (“IVF”) treatment.

With a fully developed, proven and transferable HealthTech solution, it represents a unique opportunity to enter the broader Assisted Reproductive Technology (“ART”) market, forecast to grow at CAGR of almost 10%, reaching $45bn by 2026.

The company’s solutions address the immediate and ongoing need for affordable mental health support that can be accessed without the need for formal diagnosis. Its unique offering provides preventative care to reduce the likelihood of points of crisis occurring, reducing the role of mental health as a contributing factor for disease and illness. The framework utilises a combination of biological and digital biomarkers to assess users’ current state of mental wellbeing and to provide personalised recommendations for improvement, with its need validated through the successful fertility market use cases.

The Company has deployed the mental wellbeing support product first, operating a B2B model, partnering with IVF clinics to introduce the care framework to their patients undergoing treatment. Fertility is the first use case to demonstrate the value of the digital product to clinics and patients, with IVF clinics paying on a per-user per-IVF-cycle basis. The Company currently partners with four UK-based IVF clinics and has significant pathways to grow as noted above.

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Opportunity Highlights

  • Proven technologies: Fully developed, proven and transferable HealthTech solutions;
  • Growth opportunity - DTC Wellbeing market: incorporating a saliva and digital well-being assessment solution which addresses the need for preventative and accessible care;
  • Current use case & growth opportunity - Fertility market: Four existing fertility clinic contracts with a potential of up to 3,300 IVF cycles per annum and, contracts-in-discussion with another six IVF clinics which run circa 11,700 IVF cycles per annum;
  • Wider market opportunities: The broader Assisted Reproductive Technology (“ART”) market, forecast to grow at CAGR of almost 10%, reaching $45bn by 2026; other healthcare-related markets beyond its current ART use, as the solution is highly relevant across multiple healthcare segments.

This opportunity is likely to be of interest to a wide range of parties who recognize the growth and opportunity in the sector, including private equity buyers and those in the health, medical technology and pharmaceutical (companion diagnostics) sectors, along with Private Equity firms.


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