Our approach relies on our Metis Partners Metisology®, our proprietary methodology which allows us to quickly identify, assess and benchmark the extent and quality of a company’s IP assets. Our model focuses on ten IP asset areas which typically underpin the competitive advantage of a business and therefore we focus on (1) identifying the extent to which they exist (if at all) in a business (2) making the link between the IP assets identified and how they underpin the most financially material products & services and (3) demonstrating how the identified IP assets underpin the assumptions behind, and provide a degree of protection (barriers to entry) to, income & forecasts.


(i) Brand & Reputation

(ii) Know-How & Key People

(iii) Trade Secrets

(iv) Formal Intellectual Property

(v) Key Organisational Knowledge

(vi) R&D and Innovation

(vii) Strategy & Market Intelligence

(viii) Critical Business Processes

(ix) Critical Customer Relationships

(x) Critical Partners and Suppliers

Although each of these IP asset areas provide a company with a degree of competitive advantage, IP assets (i) – (vi) are considered to be particularly critical as they often underpin the most valuable aspects of a company’s IP. These assets also tend to be of particular interest to investors or prospective buyers of a business due to their transferability and value-adding characteristics.