Metis Partners Inc.


We formed Metis Partners Inc. in 2012 to address demand in the USA. We were delighted to bring Paul Kallmes, an experienced IP strategist with a long and impressive track record, into the Metis Partners fold, and build on his successes delivering IP strategy and support services in the US market. We have been pleased with the development of our business in the US, and there have been some great spin-offs for our UK businesses via US clients who were seeking support in the UK & Europe. In addition, we have collaborated on a number of IP valuations and IP sale assignments, which have benefited from Paul’s skills, sector knowledge and contact base. Notable work in the US includes an IP assignment with a Fortune 500 listed healthcare company, as well as one of the US’ largest not-for-profit organisations. In addition, we’ve had great success working with IP-rich VC-backed companies seeking external support around their IP and patenting strategy.

Paul Kallmes - Director, Metis Partners Inc.

Paul Kallmes (Director, Metis Partners Inc.) 

Based on the west coast of the US, Paul brings a wide array of skills and experience to the IP management field. He has built and managed patent portfolios in a number of traditional manufacturing industries, including paper & textiles. Paul has also worked with a range of organisations including consulting firms (KPMG & IPValue), high-tech R&D labs (Rockwell Scientific) and IP marketplace start-ups ( He previously managed the patent portfolio of Nasdaq-listed Color Kinetics, and enjoyed considerable success in turning the company’s licensing practice into a profitable and industry-friendly activity. Following his work at Color Kinetics, he became the IP Strategist at the Lighting Science Group. In recent years he has been an independent consultant to the LED industry, advising on the development of patent portfolios and products (including control chips, power supplies, light drivers and complete fixtures such as LED streetlights and therapeutic LED light fixtures). For Paul, effective IP asset management starts at the beginning of a company’s lifespan and should be applied continuously throughout in order to maximise its value at any given time.

Photo credit: Aslak Raanes Licence: CC BY 2.0 Image: Cropped