Metis Partners are a multi-disciplinary IP firm with a proven track record in the assessment, exploitation, monetisation, valuation and sale of intellectual property assets (“IP assets”).

Our focus is on helping our clients maximise the value from their IP assets using a range of business strategies and we have helped organisations of all sizes from private to plc, large and small, across all industries.

The company was set up in 2003 by founder and director, Stephen Robertson and in the time since, we have grown to become an expert team of lawyers, accountants and technical experts with over 50 years experience in IP management, valuation and analysis working from our offices in Glasgow (you’ll find us in the big tower in the photo above!) and San Diego, California.

Intellectual Property Experts

Put simply, Metis Partners unlocks the hidden IP asset value which exists in virtually every business. Companies often believe they lack IP assets, or ignore the IP assets which they have created and invested in, given their lack of visibility or inclusion on company balance sheets.

However, it is our experience that most companies have a significant amount of IP which underpins their competitive advantage. These usually take the form of a corporate or product brand, know-how or trade secrets, software and technical or manufacturing specifications, as well as more traditionally recognised forms of IP such as patents or designs.

Although these aforementioned IP assets can all comprise a company’s suite of critical intellectual property assets, they are often undervalued and rarely managed or protected properly.

Our IP Advisory services include:

IP Audit

IP Due Diligence

IP Valuation

vCIPO & IP Strategy

Our advisory team works closely with patent attorneys, IP lawyers and corporate finance professionals who often refer their clients to us to provide our specialist IP services. Our clients range from sole inventors to a variety of organisations from SMEs through to multinational PLCs, providing a range of products and services highlighted above. We also work with lenders such as banks and growth capital providers, cashflow providers and investors providing them with IP due diligence and assurance services in relation to their clients / investments.

Our Corporate Recovery Services include:

IP Valuation Opinion

IP Asset Sales

Our corporate recovery team works closely with insolvency practitioners and company directors across Europe to provide an expert out-sourced service. We have recovered £tens of millions for creditors through IP asset sales and provide expert distressed valuation advice.